Acorn Landscaping

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. 50 % of the total cost is to be paid to Acorn Landscaping at the commencement of work.

2. Any quote over £500.00, will require regular stage payments to
Acorn Landscaping as the work progresses.

3. Full payment is due upon satisfactory completion of all works done.

4. Any late payment by more than 5 working days of any invoice given will carry a 5 % additional charge of the amount outstanding.

5. An estimated start date can be given, however this can be ultimately effected by a number of situations ie. Weather, suppliers’ stock holdings & delivery dates. Therefore please do not assume that neither the start date nor the continuation of work can be guaranteed. Therefore, please do not pressurise Acorn Landscaping into starting work earlier than is physically possible.

6. All work carried out carries a 12-month guarantee from the date of completion, except that of planting & turf laying.

7. All work is fully insured.

8. Any major finding during the progression of work being carried out, or any additions to the original design which is likely to increase the costs of labour or materials to Acorn Landscaping, will need to be reviewed at the time of the situation arising.

9. If substantial additional work of 3 or more days is added to the existing contract at the time of commencement of work, it may not be able to be added onto the same schedule and may have to be delayed to a later date.

10. Any quote that alters from moulded paving to natural stone paving will have the additional cost of a skip added to the price. This is due to the amount of crate packaging used to ship the paving to the U.K. This will cover the cost of disposal of the materials.

11. No person in the employment or acting as an agent of Acorn Landscaping has any authority to vary the terms of the initial agreement; any decisions are taken purely by the Managing Director of Acorn Landscaping.

12. All deliveries are to the kerb side, elsewhere onto the clients premises are at the clients risk, the company accepts no liability.

13. The company cannot be held responsible for the phenomenon of efflorescence inherent in all top quality products with high cement content. This will generally weather off in the course of time. All coloured concrete will gradually fade regardless of make.

14. With wooden materials the company cannot accept any responsibility for wooden panels or posts which warp or twist during periods of hot weather.

15. In the event of an agreed contract being cancelled by the client less than 4 weeks before the estimated start date, a charge of £150.00 will be forwarded to the client to cover admin costs and labour costs already incurred by Acorn Landscaping in the preparation of the quotation.